Development Impact

28% Women’s labor force participation gaps in South Asia (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2020 Jan)

Econometrics Sandbox: Attrition strikes back! Exploring selection bias in experiments, (dashboard) (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2019 Nov)

Econometrics Sandbox: Event Study Designs & Co. Exploring endogeneity bias in event studies, (dashboard) (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2019 Oct)

Can PES pay off for the poor? (or, Does food [security] grow on trees?) Payments for ecosystem services and food security (w/ Serge Adjognon and Florence Kondylis) (2019 Jul)

External Validity Musings Extrapolating (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2019 Jun)

Randomly Drawn Equators? Randomization inference and spatially correlated errors (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2019 May)

Spatial Jumps Spatial regression discontinuity (w/ Florence Kondylis) (2019 Mar)